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NRA Basic Pistol, Shotgun or Rifle Course: 8 hours
Course Fee: Varies on course selected
Certificate of Completion awarded
No prerequisites

A NRA Basic Firearms course is appropriate for those new to firearms or those who want to refresh their basic skills and feel more confident with a firearm.

These courses includes basic handling skills such as unloading, reloading, different stances, proper grip, sight picture, trigger control and reset, follow-through, malfunctions, and clearing the handgun for safe transport or storage.

You are permitted to bring your own firearm if you want to practice with it on the range, but you must use your own ammunition if you do. Emphasis will be on safe pistol handling and shooting your pistol. 
This class does NOT satisfy the requirements for a Texas License to Carry; 
Each Student will need the following items to complete the live fire portion of training:  
  • Footwear that covers the entire foot (mandatory)
  • A shirt with a conservative neckline (suggested, to protect against hot brass)
Firearm and Ammunition will be provided for the course selected. Eye protection, hearing protection, and targets will also be provided. Feel free to bring your own eye and hearing protection.

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