texas license to carry Course

To receive a Texas License To Carry;

The State requires each applicant to complete a 4-6 hour class, this does not include the range time. You must pass a written exam and pass the range qualification. This training course is provided in person. 

The classroom training will cover all state required topics, Basic Firearms Safety, Safe Handling and Storage, Non-Violent Dispute Resolution, Use of Force Laws, Civil Liability (presentation by Texas Law Shield), Texas Handgun Laws, Firearm Selection, College Campus Carry, and Open Carry.

The Course will consist of four to six hour of in-person classroom training and you will be required to pass a written examination. 

LICENSE TO CARRY CLASSES ARE NOT A LEARN TO SHOOT CLASS. The State requires that all participants know how to safely operate a handgun prior to attending this class. If you would like an introductory course, Schedule with us and we will be happy to set one up.

Each Student will need the following items in order to complete the live fire portion of training:

Footwear that covers the entire foot (mandatory)

A shirt with a conservative neckline (to protect against hot brass)

Handgun: No minimum caliber required – .22s are ok.

It no longer matters if you qualify with a semi or revolver. You will be licensed to carry both.

Handguns should be in clean and safe working order

At least one empty magazine required for semi-autos

Ammunition: Minimum 50 rounds of brass-cased, factory ammo. No reloads.

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There are three fees involved with obtaining a Texas Handgun License

CLASS FEE (paid to instructor): $95  Click Here to enroll.

$10 discount for military, veterans, those age 60+, first responders, school teachers, and NRA Members

This fee covers the training class, range fee, form,  targets, safety glasses, and hearing protection (license photos are no longer required).

State Licensing Fee (paid to the State): $40 for New/Original application and $25 for Military Veterans. Current military (or those released from duty in the last year) are free. This fee is paid directly to the State and must be submitted within one year of completing the class. Students do not have to apply with the State prior to attending the class but they can if they so choose. Click Here to apply for your License To Carry.

Fingerprinting Fee :
Upon completion of your application and payment of the application fee, the State will email you a link to set up your fingerprinting appointment.  The cost is $10 and there are multiple locations in our area. Click Here for electronic fingerprinting info.