Ducksworth's Defense Solutions

Tx lvl3 Security Firearm Qualification or (LTC Live Fire Only)

Pre-registration and pre-payment are required. 

See our calendar below for available dates and locations.

Pistol Qualification is $60 (Level 3 and LTC Live Fire Only)

Shotgun Qualification is $20 (Only if Shotgun Qualifying for LVL 3)

The range fee is not included in the listed fees above (usually $10-20, depending on the range).

Rental Handguns and Shotguns are available for $20 each… bring your own ammo....

Each Student will need the following items to complete the live fire portion of training:  

  • Printed copy of your PSB-30 or LTC-101 Class Completion Certificate (additional $25 fee if we must do it via email after the range session).

  • Footwear that covers the entire foot (mandatory)

  • A shirt with a conservative neckline (suggested, to protect against hot brass)

  • Handgun: Minimum caliber for Level 3 Security Qualification is 9mm.

  • (LTC Live Fire Handgun:  No minimum caliber required – .22s are ok.  It no longer matters if you qualify with a semi or revolver. You will be licensed to carry both.

  • Handguns should be in clean and safe working order Firearms must be transported in a case, holster, or bag when entering/leaving the range.

  • At least TWO empty magazines required for semi-autos 

Ammunition: 50 rounds of pistol ammunition. (LV 3 and or LTC)

                          9 rounds of "00" buckshot. (LV 3 Shotgun Live Fire)

Eye protection, hearing protection, and targets will be provided. Feel free to bring your own eye and hearing protection.